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Meet The Dynamic Duo At The Helm Of Midwest Core Billing

Kristina Dinatura

Kristina Dinatura
Co-Owner/Founder/Business Strategist

Hi, I'm Kristina DiNatura, the Practice and Leadership Alchemist! Italian native, mother of two, healthcare strategist, business owner, nature lover, and avid gardener.

Midwest Core Billing evolved from over three decades working with physicians, practitioners, multi-specialty providers within established practices, major healthcare start-ups, and a successful family-owned and operated practice alongside my relatives.

My competencies reside in revenue analysis and relationship management. These are core fundamentals when starting to assess the journey of practice. And, what truly drives the core aspects of a healthy practice, is how well you connect with the heart-beating individuals you are working alongside and the clients you pledge to serve. Assisting practices overcoming industry challenges, and maximizing growth opportunities, propels me forward to always take exceptional care of our clients.

I believe a healthcare business is a living, breathing entity and it requires relational guidance and support throughout the professional journey. Sometimes, a practice owner just needs someone ready to feel as strongly about their professional goals as they do. I am honored to serve in this capacity for our clients and, always, besides our clients.

Stephanie Ezel

Stephanie Ezel

I am Co-Owner and Founder of Midwest Core Billing. In my tenured career, I have held numerous leadership positions within the healthcare industry, each role allowing for tremendous growth and infrastructure expansions. I experienced the most growth as a Contracts & Budget Negotiator, as well as a Research Coordinator for a clinical research organization. First hand, I have witnessed the lack of support providers receive when it comes to medical billing, insurance credentialing and practice management.

I feel strongly about promoting and supporting our providers across all aspects of the professional journey. My driving force, co-founding Midwest Core Billing, is to mend the gap between the provider and the insurance companies.

Our team of incredible specialists have worked in every aspect of a practice setting. Our team can accurately provide billing expertise as well as a comprehensive workflow to optimize everyone’s time. Due to our team's depth of knowledge and experience, we are always excited to welcome new start-ups as well as established providers to our ever-growing professional family.

March 12, 2021

Paul Lichtenberg

"Our New York based integrative psychotherapy group practice has been working with and guided by Kristina DiNatura Sicuro, owner of Midwest Core. As a clinical psychologist working in a relational model, I have been extraordinarily impressed by Kristina's integrity, intelligence, knowledge, warmth, leadership and confidence, compassion, and empathy. And, equally, Kristina's commitment to our success, how we define it. Her listening, patience, kindness, and humor has made a very vulnerable process of building out a business, not just manageable but fun. Simply, Kristina inspires me and validates the hard work we have committed to: serving others."
February 17, 2021

Business Owner

"As an owner of my own billing and coding company in Saint Louis, catering to mental health providers nationally, I have used Midwest Core Billing as a subcontractor for many projects - mostly credentialing. Most of the work is incredibly detailed oriented and I have been extremely pleased with their attention to detail, impeccable organization skills, and timelines with their correspondence. I would not be able to maintain my business without their assistance and look forward to continuing the relationship. FIVE STARS!"